Above: The founder of Glisam Language Arts Solutions, Ann Francis (on right), posed with her mother and daughter during her daughter's college graduation.
Above: Mrs. Francis' son posing at his college graduation along with Penn State's Nitanny lion.

Glisam's ® Mission

To build the language arts skills of middle school and high school students by developing, publishing and distributing instructional materials that will make the learning process easier and more efficient. 

As America's schools transition to the new Common Core State Standards, teachers are searching for quality materials that will encourage students to go beyond simply memorizing information. Today's competitive job market will require workers to think. Students must become active readers in order to gain background knowledge, acquire new vocabulary, and develop their critical thinking skills. They must think as they read, checking their comprehension, interpreting text, and evaluating  the credibility of the author's theme or thesis. Students must learn where to find answers in the text, no matter whether those answers are implicitly or explicitly expressed. Then, supplied with knowledge, students must learn to synthesize creative solutions to the issues faced in our modern world.

Glisam's ® Products

Our Vocabulary In A Flash Stories are just that: flash fiction stories of around one thousand words that are embedded with a high concentration of advanced vocabulary words. Because the stories are flash fiction, they can be read quickly by energetic students raised in a fast-paced, instant-gratification world. Each story comes with comprehension questions and assessment materials. 

Our Writing Development Materials include writing prompts geared towards preparation for standardized language arts tests such as the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA).

Glisam's ® Inspiration

Glisam Language Arts Solutions is committed to helping all students develop their language arts skills fully.  The company's desire to design creative, quality instructional materials stems from its founder's career experience. Glisam's founder is a special education English teacher with twenty-three years of experience working in New Jersey public high schools. In addition, the founder has served as an instructional assistant for struggling college students.


Glisam's passion to help students was rooted in the founder's personal life after the birth of a child with unique learning needs. Watching and helping that child grow and succeed over the years has been a privilege. In the process, it became clear that academic growth is greatly enhanced when students are motivated with interesting stories and articles that capture their attention.